Nino Paulito (Raf West and Melissa Choong). Look at them. Amazing right? AMAZING. They used suggestions from the audience to finish their unfinished FABRIC MERMAID as the night went on! Find more of their work at

Will Tribble described his passion film project, Fuzzy Head. If you follow him at and tell him to stop tweeting about rubbish you'll hopefully here more about it! 

Tom Crowley did chortleicious stand up. You can find out more about his brilliant stuff all over the place, but try for more info.

Anjali Singh told us the story of The Sad Frop. It was a thing of beauty and included a model of the Frop itself! To find out more of her lovely work follow her on Twitter: 


Amy Clarke and Michael Beddoes and presented Seaquins, their short film about a Blackpool-based drag queen. It's a super cool project that's in pre-production now, if you want to follow their development check out their Twitter page:





































Alice Robinson performed some gorgeous songs from her one woman show about the Bayeux Tapestry! To find out more follow her on, and check out her company, CrossArts Collective:

Sofi Amador gave us a tour through her box of unfinished LIFE, and Will only accidentally blocked the webcam for some of it! Yay! You can follow her on Instagram:

Loraine James played some absolutely gorgeous and totally improvised electronica, goddamn listening to that was good. I wish I was listening to some more of that right now. OH WAIT I AM

There was a performance of Ruby Martin's radio play! It was brilliant. Check out for more!









Ellie Scanlan read an extract from Underground Mice, her story about talking tube mice. It was lovely and sweet and creative and she is fantastic in pretty much every way and she made most of this event happen and she isn't writing this Will is so WHEN YOU SEE THIS ELLIE, YOU'RE GREAT, THANK YOU FOR BEING AN ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE PERSON, I LOVE YOU, also we're out of fruit and mayonnaise. You can see more of her work at her website,

Finally things descended into chaos while Truefunktion rocked the flip out. You can check out more of his music on 

We also had art displays! Including a human-sized painting by Fabricia Ivy and many sketchbooks by Curtis Donovan, who is cunning and unGoogleable, striking from the shadows. 


We had the wonderful Ollie Wiggins presenting his beautiful unfinished film about paying for friendship in the modern world, the glorious Andy Tribble and his political rant about motorcycles and the fascinating Will Seaward discussing ideas for his upcoming story writing!

A huge thank you for the SteamPunk Convivial for having us!

Please check them out at



Thank you Croydon! Our 2019 was a wonderful success! Stayed tuned for videos. 

In the meantime check out some of our older festivals! 

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